Uganda’s trade within EAC hits Shs 4.70 trillion

By Moses Kyeyune.

Uganda’s formal exports to the East African Community partner states have been on the rise, increasing to 4.7 trillion shillings from 1.6 trillion shillings in just eight years.

According to the Trade and Investment Report by the ministry of Finance, Uganda’s exports to the rest of the regional players was 425.2 million US-Dollars in 2010, but jumped to 1.3 billion US Dollars by the end of December 2018.

The report indicates that exports to Kenya and South Sudan registered the fastest growth.

For instance, exports with Kenya jumped from 180 million US Dollars in 2010 to 580 million in 2018, reflecting a growth value of 1.5 trillion Uganda shillings.

Trade with Burundi and Tanzania remained relatively low, below 380 billion shillings while exports to Rwanda averaged at 800 billion shillings.

The East African Community remains the leading destination for Uganda exports, which are largely composed of unprocessed agricultural products.