Kenzo pens emotional goodbye message to Rema

By Rashim Nabanja

Over the weekend, pictures of musician Rema Namakula and mysterious doctor, Hamza Sebunya in a Nikkah ceremony (Muslim marriage) circulated all over social media.

Many of the singers’ fans wondered what exactly happened between Rema and her former partner Edrisa Musuuza commonly known as Kenzo.

Kenzo went to his Facebook page to share what he felt about the whole thing. In an emotional post, he poured his heart out saying how unfair it was for people to blame him for his failed relationship with his longtime fiancée, using it as an opportunity to drag him back to the streets.

Loosely translated, Kenzo said, “I have got to know my enemies in this situation, they are using this chance to push me to the ground, they are doing their level best to make sure I go back to the street, which is okay, because that is my home. I am a duck’s child and it is very possible life can change and I end up on the street again because we have seen billionaires going back to zero. It is possible and I can feel the effort.”

Kenzo went on to shut down the demands people are making for him to have his say over what happened.

“Even in such a situation I am not going to come out and expose the mother of my child for the sake of winning a battle, no, a big no… at least I will quit music and do something else but I won’t tell you my family’s secrets.”

Kenzo also went on to wish Rema a happy and peaceful marriage with the new man in her life.

“I pray for mummy Amal to have the best marriage and I pray to Allah that he grants you peace with Mr. Sebunya doctor. He needs to love you more than I do because if he does that, then he will have loved you to the maximum REMA!!! I love you and I remember telling you this in our last conversation 2 weeks back. And I have been telling it to you since day one,” he said and went on to praise her as one of the best vocalists he knows.

Now that he is single again, the award winning singer has begged his former partner to keep all his land titles and car logbooks until a time he will be able to entrust another person with them.