PHOTOS: Singer Rema Namakula splashes millions in ‘introduction shower’

By Nasuuna Noelyn

Singer Rema Namakula has surprised many of her fans as she came up with her own idea of an ‘introduction shower’, something that has not been done before in the country. According to the photos that she posted, it appears like she spent millions of money in just an event that comes before the her real introduction, which has left very many eager for the introduction ceremony slated for 14th November.

Singer Rema Namakula at her introduction shower

The event that was only attended by her close friends proved to her fans that her extravagant ‘kukyala’ ceremony was just a sample of what was to befall them today and on the day of the introduction.

However, many argue that she has come up with her own idea of an introduction shower because her religion does not give room for the commonly held bridal showers.

The event that has been organised by the best service providers in town which has left very many people admiring and questioning the amount of money that her new husband, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya has.

The two love birds, Rema and Ssebunya came into the limelight when photos of the two leaked before their Kukyala ceremony. Despite the public criticism, the couple went ahead with their marriage plans and held their ‘Kukyala’ ceremony on independence day this year. It should be noted that Rema was a partnerĀ  to BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo and the couple had been together for close to five years before they broke up. Kenzo and Rema have only one child together.

However, Singer Eddy Kenzo did not take the marriage of Rema lightly as he went ahead to prove to the public that he had also married Rema in a Muslim ceremony known as ‘Kuwowa’. He however wished her a blessed marriage and asked Dr. Ssebunya to love her and cherish her in ways that he could not. Kenzo further asked Ssebunya to also treat his daughter, Aamal Musuuza like his own.