Govt to recruit 129, 000 accident emergence responders

By Derrick Wandera.    

Government is in advanced stages of the process of recruiting and training nearly 130,000 accident emergence res-ponders at village level to help give first aid to causalities.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine says the move is aimed at reducing the number of people who die due to lack of first aid and quick response from trained personnel after an accident.

Atwine adds that that the respondents will be paid Shs 180,000 per month, money that will be incorporated into the national budget.

The project is to be implemented in collaboration with the Korea Foundation for International Health after a UN report released last year indicated that over 300 people die in road incidents in Uganda every year.

A police traffic report of 2017 also showed that over 9,500 people died in motor accidents in the last three years countrywide.