Measles outbreak in Namayingo District

A mother carrying a victim of measles

Over 200 cases of measles have been registered in Namayingo district since November last year.

Dr. James Magoola the District Health Officer says most of the cases have been registered in the Sigulu islands, where parents have ignored routine immunization of their children.

Last week 25 children were admitted to Namayingo Hospital after they were diagnosed with the disease.

Magoola says the district in conjunction with the Ministry of health is now planning a mass immunization campaign starting April this year to help eliminate the disease.

Last year, 45 children were reported to have died of measles in the same district.

Dr Magoola says that though the district health team struggles to contain the disease, the situation is being aggravated by parents who shun immunization, blaming the illness on witchcraft.

He appeals to parents with children showing any slightest signs of measles to take them to hospital for proper management.

Some of the symptoms include runny nose, skin rash, red eyes and high fever among others.