Two-day old baby sues hospital

By Ruth Anderah.

A two-day old baby has dragged a private hospital to High Court Civil Division over alleged negligence while administering medicine in him, leading to his hand to deform.

Gabriel Emma a minor and his biological mother Emma Aulo, in their suit, aver that she (Aulo) was admitted on 3rd March, 2018 at Doctor’s Hospital where she was put under supervision and care.

The mother says on the same day she gave birth successfully to a healthy baby boy, however in a bid to control his respiratory system the hospital nurse inserted a cannula for administering drugs for proper functioning of his lungs.

Aulo avers that, she informed the nurses that the cannula was not injected in Gabriel’s vein but it was overlooked and they continued administering medication which caused the baby’s left arm start swelling and darkening.

According to the complainants, after two days of agony, excruciating pain and torture, the baby was referred to Comprehensive Rehabilitation services in Uganda (CORSU) at Kisubiwhere the first plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries, treatment and skin grafting that attracted heavy unnecessary medical bill.

Through their lawyers of Okecha Baranyanga advocates, Aulo holds Doctor’s Hospital along Entebbe Road liable for negligence for having allegedly failed in their duty for not caring or establishing whether the medication injected through the cannula and placed on the plaintiff’s left arm was moving to bloodstream.

They also want an order for recovery of more than Shs5 million as special damages with payment of interest of 28 percent from the date of cause of action until full payment.