WHO on nodding disease victims

Victims of nodding disease

The World health organization has opposed the manner in which at least 25 children affected by nodding disease were transferred from Kitgum to Kampala.
The Kitgum district Woman Mp Beatrice Anywar is reported to have transported the 25 children in a bus to Mulago Hospital, saying they were not being given due attention.

The outbreak of the disease is majorly concentrated in Kitgum, Pader and Lamwo districts with more than 3000 cases and at least 200 deaths reported.
The WHO country representative Dr. Joaquim Saweka says transporting the children without evaluating their health condition wasn’t right especially given the long distance they endured.
Saweka emphasized the need for immediate response to ensure that the children get the medical attention they deserve in time.
The health ministry says investigations are still on going to establish the actual cause of the disease.