3.3 trillion needed for public servants pay rise

By Ritah Kemigisa:

The Public Service Commission has revealed that government requires an extra Shs3.3 trillion annually if it is to increase the salary of all public servants in the country under the salary scale category from U1 to U8.

Public servants under the salary scale U1 to U3 earn Shs. 7,200,000 million while those under U6 to U8 they earn between Shs 550,000 and U4 to U5 earn between Shs. 3,650,000.

Speaking to KFM the Secretary of the Public Service Commission Dr. John Godfrey Mbabazi says the proposed amount however does not cater for pension and gratuity.

He has meanwhile revealed that in regard to the loaming strike of judicial officers who are demanding for a pay rise, Dr Mbabazi says government will require an extra Shs 19.2 billion to respond to this demand.

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