48 year old convicted for defiling a step daughter

By Ruth Anderah.

Prosecution has asked High Court in Kampala to hand a deterrent sentence to a 48 year old man for defiling his 13 year old step daughter.

Prosecution’s Lillian Nandaula asked for a deterrent sentence after High Court Judge Jane Frances Abodo convicted him with aggravated defilement as charged.

Nandaula says, the convict Henry Sentongo had a duty to protect this child as a daughter but instead he abused it and defile her.

Court observed that Sentongo defiled the girl on March 4th 2016 at Kitaka zone in Nateete a Kampala suburbs.

It was discovered that Sentongo was caught red-handed by his wife defiling the child on their bed.

The incident took place very early in the morning while the mother of the victim had gone to work, but unfortunately she forgot something at home and come back.

The judge sent him back on remand until December 14th to pass a sentence.