A Secondary School for the Deaf Needed in Northern Uganda

Parents of children with hearing impairments and their advocates want government to consider establishing a secondary school in Northern Uganda that would help them continue with education after completing primary.

They argue that because of lack of a secondary school for those with special needs; a lot of talent has been lost while others with zeal to continue with studies after primary living examinations, it has been dissatisfaction and frustration.

This was during a meeting organized by Sign Health Uganda to find solutions to the plight of deaf children in Arua and West Nile region many of whom are denied education because of their hearing conditions.

Stephen Eguma, the coordinator of Sign Health in Arua said many children with hearing impairments just stop at primary seven yet they would have continued to secondary had it been nearby.

Doreen Tiatia, a teacher at Alivu primary school said children in ordinary schools have low esteem because parents don’t notify schools about the conditions of their children.

Sheila Inziku, the chairperson of Arua district parents of deaf children said most parents do not see the usefulness of their deaf children.