Alcohol association call for law regulating distillers in the informal sector

By Moses Ndhaye

The Uganda Alcohol Association has asked government to regulate alcohol distillers in the informal sector to stop them from brewing hazardous alcohol which is un-safe for human consumption.

The chairperson of the Association Kenneth Barungi says, some of the Alcoholic drinks distilled by some people in the informal sector needs regulation because it doesn’t meet the health and market standards.

He adds that lack of policies to control such distillers is also making more young people to access these harmful alcoholic drinks while still young.

His remarks come at a time when Nile Breweries is spearheading a campaign dubbed “Be Smart, Drink Smart” aimed at promoting responsible drinking to reduce on the harmful use of alcohol.

The Campaign specifically focuses on no drinking by underage persons, pregnant women or those intending to drive after drinking alcohol.