Amin Son Seeks for Forgiveness

One of the sons of late President Idi Amin has asked cultural and religious leaders to pardon his family for the atrocities allegedly committed by his father.

Jaffer Remo Amin, one of Amin’s eldest sons was speaking during the inter faith forum organized dialogue in Arua which drew religious, cultural and opinion leaders from Northern Uganda.

Remo Amin said he was seeking for forgiveness on behalf of his over 60 siblings.

The Chairperson of Inter Faith Forum, Br. ErminioDrakarisaid the dialogue was to create reconciliation among the people of Lango, Acholi and West Nile after the hostilities created between the events of 1971 coup’de et and the subsequent revenge actions that followed from all sides.

Several speakers who spoke at the dialogue gave testimonies of how their entire families were killed during the Amin and Uganda National Liberation Armies and how facts about the deaths were being distorted to the advantage of either side.