Amnesty report calls for media freedom

Amnesty International has asked the government to with draw the Public Order Management Bill that is before Parliament.
The bill aims at regulating and controlling public gatherings and demonstrations.
In a report released today, the International Human Rights body says the law gives excessive powers to the police and security agencies.
The report titled stifling Dissent says the law in its current will not promote and uphold human rights and should be withdrawn.
The organization special rapporteur for East Africa Godfrey Odong says the bill in its current form curtails freedom of association and expression.
The Amnesty International Report also calls on the government to withdraw all criminal charges against journalists and take measures to promote press freedom.
Odong notes that up to 30 journalists currently face charges in court on charges including forgery, sedition, criminal defamation and inciting violence, for expressing views critical of the government.
The organization calls for efforts to uphold the right to a free press and urges the government to be more tolerant of criticism.
Amnesty International is also condemning attacks on journalists especially during coverage of demonstrations and urges the government to hold its officers accountable in such cases.