Another Muslim Cleric Is Shot Dead.

Sheik Hassan Kiirya the Spokesperson of the Kibuli Muslim faction has been killed. He was shot dead last night at Bweyogere.
According the Acting Supreme Mufti Sheik Mahmood Kibaate, Kiirya was returning from prayers at a mosque near the Kabaka’s lake in Ndeeba when he was attacked and gunned down by unknown people.
Sheikh Kiirya becomes the third Cleric to be killed since December last year.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Muwaya, leader of the Shia Muslim community and Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga, were shot dead by men on motorbikes in two separate attacks just days apart in December.
Gunmen also tried to kill a third cleric, Sheikh Haruna Jemba, earlier in January.
A sheikh and 17 others were ealier charged with killing two fellow clerics, a case police says is linked to Islamist ADF rebels based in Democratic Republic of Congo.
The police say that some muslims want “to eliminate their colleagues” because they have tried to discourage people from “joining rebel ranks.”
The body of the deceased is currently at Kibuli hospital for a postmortem from where it will be taken to Nkoowe at Nkoowe in Wakiso district for burial at 4:00pm.

Story by Ali Mivule