Besigye attributes current state of crisis on mismanagement of politics

Mukhaye Damali

Former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has blamed the current hunger and security situation in the country on mismanagement of politics in the country.

Addressing journalists at his offices at Katonga road, Besigye says that parliament yesterday moved a motion requiring that state of emergency be declared after hunger hitting a number of districts due to drought that the country experienced last year.

Besigye says that food shortage is not the only problem the country is currently facing but also security crisis and economic crisis lamenting that this has been building for a long time but the government has been paying a deaf ear.

He notes that since citizens do not have control over their politics and resources which are in hands of few citizens, the issues mentioned above will never be addressed unless there is a change in the current governance.

He notes that as a party, they are going to continue distributing food to Ugandans urging Ugandans to respond to the call to collect food and distribute to poor Ugandans.

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