Besigye in court

The Director of Public Prosecution has withdrawn charges of inciting violence earlier instituted against FDC Leader Col. Kizza Besigye.

The charges have been withdrawn before the Kasangati Magistrates Court.

The state prosecutors led by Ivan Nkwasibwe said they had found it in their wisdom to have the charges withdrawn.

He now faces charges of holding illegal assemblies during the walk to work protests.

The case has also been switched from Magistrate James Eremye Mawanda and is now being heard by Grade one Magistrate Watyekere GW.

A notice on one of the Court’s boards says Magistrate Eremye has been taken to Soroti where he will be handling a criminal session for a period of one month.

The new magistrate on the case His Worship Watyekere has however warned the prosecution to speed up investigations, saying he only has one month with in which to dispose of the case.

The case has been adjourned to 27th July for hearing. The same court has however gone ahead with the hearing of another case in which Besigye is alleged to have ignored traffic guidelines and obstructed other road users.

The former Officer in Charge of the Kasangati Police Station Mukite Collins has testified, telling Court that Besigye ignored traffic guidelines issued by the police officers.

He singles out the events of 11th April when he says Besigye sat in the middle of the road at Wampewo Avenue, disrupting traffic.

Hearing of the case continues at the Court in Kansagati.

Story by Stephen Mbidde