Besigye tasked to produce names of soldiers he claims are supporting him.

Br Damali Mukhaye.

The government has tasked the former presidential candidate of the forum for Democratic change Dr Kizza Besigye to produce the list of soldiers he claims they want to join him and overthrown president Museveni and his government.

Addressing journalists at media center, the deputy spokesperson of government ofwono opondo says that Besigye said that Makindye military barracks is full of detained soldiers seeking to mutiny in support of the opposition and that they want to join Besigye to speed the overthrow of Museveni.

Opondo says that this type of false information has been claimed by Besigye on several occasions since 2001 when he said that he enjoyed the 90% political support from the army.

He dismisses that there is no any crack within the army and that to prove Besigye right; he should produce names of those who want to join him.

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