Bigirimana asked the public to have faith in him

By Ruth Anderah.

The incoming permanent Secretary to the judiciary Pius Bigurimana has promised to start from where his predecessor Kagole Kivumbi has stopped and take the judiciary forward.

While at the High Court Headquarters in Kampala, Bigirimana asked the public to have faith in him saying despite the judiciary being a new field to him and a third arm of government, he has experience to do the job given since it’s related to his other jobs he has been performing as permanent secretary in other ministries.

He also says that seeking advice from top judiciary managers is going to be easy since managers like the chief justice Bart Katureebe has been his mentor.

Bigirimana has further revealed that in a few days he will be making proposals to the chief justice that he thinks will strengthen the judiciary management.

These include all judiciary employees working under a contract, construction of the court, health promotion through health learning and jim for judges to exercise and running for general judicial officers.

Bigirimana promised to enforce accountability in the judiciary done according to the government procedures so that when the auditor general raises any accountability issue, they will have evidence to prove it.