Bishop Niringiye Blames Uganda’s Woes On Indisciplined Fathers

The current break down of the moral fibre in society has been blamed on the high level of indiscipline among fathers.
Delivering his sermon on Fatherhood at St. Luke’s Church in Ntinda on Sunday, Retired Bishop of Bishop of Kampala Dr. Zac Niringiye said the country is faced with a fatherhood crisis that must be addressed urgently.
Likening earthly fathers to God, Niringiye challenged them to work hard to be able to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs those under their care.
He has also blamed the lack of fatherly discipline in the homes and in government for the current political and economic situation in Uganda.

“This is manifested in the indiscipline among our leaders, in government and in the church. When i point out the rot in government and demand for accountability am branded opposition. This is indiscipline,” said Bishop Niringiye.

Story by Catherine Ageno