Border conflict erupts between Abim and Agago

By Tobbias Jolly Owiny.

Tension has erupted between authorities of Abim and Agago district local governments over ownership of a strip of land located at the border between the two districts.

The contested land is located at Kamrono, Kuludwong and Kaket in Lapono Sub County as well as at Lawiereng in Adilang Sub County, all in Agago district.

Both Lapono Sub County and Agago district authorities accuse Abim district LC5 chairman Jimmy Ochero to be engineering the conflict.

According to Lapono LC3 chairman Mathew Lagen, tension was sparked off two weeks ago by the drilling of two boreholes at Ocegolamero village at Kuludwong in Lapono sub-county, Agago district by Abim district authorities.