Cabinet to discuss new ministries today

Cabinet meets today to discuss, among other things, the creation of six new portfolios slated for President Museveni’s next team in May.

This follows the appointment by president Museveni of the Presidency Minister Dr Beatrice Wabudeya, to the position of Minister for the Capital City in accordance with the Kampala City Act 2010.

Also appointed is Jennifer Musisi who becomes the Executive Director for Kampala City.

Six other new positions will be included in President Museveni’s next Cabinet as he attempts to consolidate key areas of interest.

They will include a ministry in charge of Kampala Affairs, a ministry in charge of Teso Affairs, a ministry in charge of Bunyoro Affairs, a ministry for Petroleum and Gas, a Tourism Ministry separated from the Trade and Industry ministry and a Constitutional Affairs Ministry separated from the Justice Ministry.

However, Members of Parliament across the political divide have criticized a move by government to create new ministries.

Some of the legislators KFM spoke to lamented over government’s insistence to spend billions of shillings on public expenditure at the expense of the tax payer.