Cameroon Anglophone lawyers ‘to end strike’

Lawyers in English-speaking parts of Cameroon will end their strike to demand an end to discrimination early next month, the head of their legal body has said.

However, the strike’s end is conditional on the release of two lawyers who were detained following the outbreak of protests, Jackson Ngnie Kamga said in a statement.

English-speaking lawyers have been boycotting legal proceedings since October to protest against the use of French in courts and schools in Anglophone regions.

They are also opposed to the employment of court workers who do not understand the application of British common law.

Cameroon was colonised by Germany in the 19th Century and then split into British and French areas after World War One.

Later, areas controlled by Britain and France joined to form Cameroon after the colonial powers withdrew in the 1960s.

French-speaking Cameroonians form the majority in the central African state.


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