Chief Justice Irked By Makindye Court Scenes

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe condemned the dramatic scenes that played out at Makindye Court yesterday where protesters holding placards in support of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kayihura disrupted court proceedings.

In an impromptu press briefing he held at the Kampala High court, the visibly angry justice Katureebe warned against attempts to intimidate the judiciary while it executes its duties.

Justice Katureebe challenged Ugandans to decide on whether to be ruled by such lawlessness or rule of law.

Earlier, the legal fraternity advised the Inspector General of Police to step aside to allow meaningful investigation of a case in which is he is alleged to have abated brutalization of innocent Ugandans.

This comes after the Police Chief and second of his commanders failed to show up before the Makindye Magistrate’s Court to answer charges of torture.

However according to the police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye, they are yet to receive the summons.

Addressing the media today, Anthony Mutimba, the treasurer at the legal service provider’s network board of directors said that with Kayihura still the head of the investigating institution, all evidence against him is likely to be distorted.

Meanwhile, the opposition Forum for Democratic Change’s Dr. Kizza Besigye has condemned the police for not acting in the interest of the people who opened a case against on IGP Gen Kale Kayihura.

Addressing journalists at his home in Kasagati, Besigye says   that the impending prosecution of Kayihura is confirmation that the police that he leads does not function as people’s force.

The Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo too has condemned what he describes as acts of lawlessness exhibited at Makindye Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Father Lokodo said it was very unfortunate further expressing disappointment that the police did not swiftly swing in action to avoid such a scene.

In an interesting turn of events however, Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has been defended by Parliament’s Human Rights Committee Chairperson Jovah Kamateka.

The Mitooma Woman legislator says Gen. Kaihura has contributed to the country’s stability and having him prosecuted would be total humiliation and an attack on his integrity.

Kamateka also says that that the youths that besieged court yesterday were only exercising their rights.

After both the accused and complainants made no show at court, the magistrate adjourned the case to August 29th to determine whether or not the Director of Public Prosecutions should be allowed to take over the proceedings.

Story By Ruth Anderah and Benjamin Jumb

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