City council leaders agree on street vending

Kampala Capital Authority leaders’ have agreed to allocate some road within the city center to street vendors to operate from.

They came into consensus during the council meeting where they agreed to allocate some roads to street vendors as they are still looking for the long time solution.

The lord mayor Erias Lukwago says that roads like Alana road, Nakivubo mews, and kafumbe Mukasa road should be allocated to vendors where they can sell their merchandise after being given license by KCCA starting from 5pm when their counter parts in the shops have closed

The lord mayor also ordered KCCA enforcement team to return back the merchandise that was confiscated from vendors in the morning.

Lukwago on vendors lug

Meanwhile, KCCA and Police vowed to continue with the daily operations after the minister of Kampala Betty kamya directing them to evict vendors from the streets to ensure sanity in Kampala.