City Lord mayor suspends council sittings

Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has suspended council and committee sittings indefinitely, over persistent disrespect of decisions reacted at.

The committees suspended include both the standing and oversight committees of the authority.

Lukwago says the committees have been rendered idle, since their decisions are always ignored.

He says their powers have been usurped by the city Executive Director, whom he says is running the authority single handedly.

The lord mayor is also questioning the absence of the physical planning authority, which is supposed to be charged with ensuring implementation of the master plan.

He questions who is directing decisions to demolish buildings in the city in the absence of the planning authority.

Lukwago says the councilors have been sent on holiday to show discontent with the manner in which business is run but also save the tax payers’ money.

 He says it’s useless for the councilors to remain in office being paid the tax payers when they are not doing anything productive.

Story by Hadijah Mwanje