Col Ogole hospitalised in London

Col John Charles Ogole, the former UNLA Special Brigade Commander, who fought and dislodged the then National Resistance Army (NRA) guerillas in the Luweero Triangle in the 1980s, has been hospitalised in London.

His condition is “serious”, according to relatives who say he was re-admitted to hospital last week. His sibling Martin Okello, a retired Lieutenant living in Oyam District, on Friday asked for government assistance, saying he was unable to directly speak with Col Ogole “because his condition is serious”.

This newspaper understands that Col Ogole was booked in hospital late last month after spending time in January admitted to Central Middlesex and Northwick Park hospitals, reportedly suffering from prostate cancer.

Ogole is the head of Lango Elders Council, an organisation of Lango elders living in the UK, and was the first senior former military officer renegade spymaster David Sejusa recruited when he fled to the UK last year.


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