Consider plight of the People, Ecweru tells MPs

By Moses Kyeyune.

PARLIAMENT: The Minister of State for disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru has asked members of parliament not to adopt a report by the Presidential Affairs committee, lest they cast victims of landslides in the Elgon region into gross suffering.

The Minister has been presenting a re-battle statement to the committee report, which recommended for the cancellation of Bulambuli land deal, citing unresolved ownership questions.

If the MPs go by the recommendation, Ecweru says, the people will continue to suffer and government will at the same time lose money.

Ecweru has also cautioned that, in case Parliament decides to cancel the entire land acquisition process as recommended by the Committee, there is a likelihood of Government incurring huge financial losses and more deaths as a result of the anticipated landslides.

The committee chaired by Adjumani Woman MP Jesca Ababiku wants the government to find land elsewhere and not Bulambuli.

But Enweru says there was no financial loss caused to Government and the people of Uganda by OPM.

Whereas the report faulted the political leaders within the Office of the Prime Minister, calling for their implication Ecweru says they acted diligently and that technical Officers acted professionally in executing their work to the conclusion of the assignment and there is value for money.