Court Loses MPs’ “Car Money” Case Records

The Constitutional Court has this morning conducted fresh hearing of an application filed by a concerned citizen Twaha Sanywa challenging government’s decision to spend Sh64 billion on MPs’ car purchase.

This was after the presiding judge Richard Buteera informed court that the transcribing machine could not reproduce the recording of court’s previous proceedings to enable him write his judgment.

The last hearing had been conducted and concluded on the 4th October 2016 and the judge was set to deliver his ruling on Thursday this week.

Justice Buteera has however ordered the parties to re-do their submissions in court.

In this second hearing, the Attorney General still maintains that it’s lawful for parliament to spend this money on MPs’ personal vehicles as the law allows legislators to enjoy such privileges.

Contrary to that, Sanywa wants court to stop the car purchase privilege to MPs saying it gives them preferential treatment compared to other government employees both in the Judiciary and Executive arms who perform their duties in public vehicles.

He adds that unless the Constitutional Court intervenes, tax payers risk losing their money from the consolidated fund for lack of accountability since even the Inspector General of Government cannot investigate the expenditure.

Justice Buteera has now announced the 27th October 2016 as a new date to deliver his ruling on whether to issue this injunctive order against government.

Story By Ruth Anderah