Death Toll Rises In Burundi As Anti-Government Protest Continue

The death toll from the anti-government protests in the Burundian capital Bujumbura has risen to three.

The police have also confirmed that to five people have been critically injured following yesterday’s protests.

Burundi conflict
Burundi Anti-Riot policeman spraying teargas into protesting crowd

A group of CSOs and opposition leaders led demonstrations against the controversial nomination of President Pierre Nkurunzinza by his party as a candidate for a third term in office.

burundi conflict2
Angry protestors engage police with stones

They argue that Nkuruzinza has served two terms as president and so he is not eligible according to Burundi’s constitution.
However, Nkuruzinza’s supporters argue that he can still contest since he was appointed by parliament in 2005.

Burundi confict
Protestor (with water bottle) runs for safety

The UN refugee agency says more than 8,000 people have in the last few days fled Burundi citing violence ahead of June’s presidential elections, a claim the government denies.