Demolition of Nakawa estates begins

The demolition of the Nakawa-Naguru estates has started, amidst tears and opposition from the tenants.

The operation is led by the commander Kampala Metropolitan region Grace Turyagumanawe.

The demolition started with the plantations, before moving to the unoccupied houses giving a cue to the other tenants to remove their properties.

 The tenants want government to facilitate their re-location though the government says they have been given adequate notice.

The tenants evicted today include Tom Woche, who was left weeping together with his 14 children. Their property was piled outside their former home as they looked on helplessly, saying they had nowhere to go.

Over 1,700 sitting tenants occupy the 66-hectare piece of land will be affected by the evictions.

The tenants have on several occasions fruitlessly attempted to block the redevelopment, asking for compensation before leaving the estates.

UK-based Cormer Homes Group Company was contracted by government to carry out the redevelopment.

Story by Ben Jumbe