Disabilities Bill still flawed says MP Nalule

By Paul Adude.


The Member of Parliament for persons with disabilities (PWDs) Hon. Safia Nalule has said the 2018 disabilities Bill that is to be tabled before Parliament has flaws in its clauses that violet the rights of Persons with disabilities

Nalule said the Bill is very dangerous with more than 20 flaws because even the few advantageous things that were in the old law though it was never implemented and protected PWDs from discrimination were removed.

Ms Nalule made the remarks during the launch of the legal analysis report assessing selected national laws and their compliance with the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Kigo.

She said the report shows that the new 2018 Act is worse than the persons with disabilities Bill 2016 which was a ratification of the law on persons with disabilities which was passed by Parliament in 2006.

Ms Kalule urged members of parliament on the gender committee  that are reviewing the bill to read the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to understand PWDs are still deprived of their rights before submitting it before parliament.