Don’t judge me, MP Rwabwogo speaks out

Ritah kemigisa.

The Kabarole district woman MP Sylvia Rwabogo has spoken out for the first time after a 25 year old boy Brian Isiko was sentenced to 2 years in jail for sending her love messages.

The fate of Isiko has since caused a lot of debate among the public with many judging her for being selfish while others sympathized with both  Isiko and her.

In a Facebook message, Rwabogo says people should not judge her insisting that the  ‘so called’ love messages could have led to her death.

She argues that Isiko was being used by allegedly selfish individuals she doesn’t mention to lure her to fall in love with him and after kill him.

Rwabogo says she run to court to avoid falling for the same trap like the former Butaleja MP Cerinah Nebanda whose cause of death up to today remains unknown.

She has meanwhile called upon all Ugandans to be more vigilant.