Dp to offer free legal services to victims of the Arua by-elections violence

By Damali mukhaye.

The Democratic Party is going to offer free legal services to all the people who were allegedly tortured by police during the Arua by-elections campaign and in demonstrations that ensued after the elections across the country.

Addressing journalists their office in Kampala, the party president Nobert Mao says that the prominent MP’s who were tortured have and can access justice since they are well off unlike some civilians who were affected in the scuffle and cannot access neither justice nor proper treatment.

He says that the many people who were tortured during the campaign and in demonstrations that happened in Kampala, Kamokya, Mityana, jinja among others but they have never received justice and that DP lawyers have offered free legal services to them all.

Over 33 people were arrested and have since been released on police bail; some of them to date are still accessing treatment.