Educated Ugandans more corrupt-New UBOS survey

By Moses Ndhaye.

A New survey has revealed that educated people are more corrupt and are the ones engaged in acts of giving out bribes as compared to the uneducated ones.

The survey released by the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics on governance, peace and security indicates that 16 % of the educated people have ever paid a bribe.

Releasing the finding, the bureau’s executive director Ben Paul Mungyereza said unemployment, hunger and poverty are making Ugandans more worried about their daily living.

He has now underscored the need for policy makers to put in place strategies which will to improve on the service delivery in various sectors.

The report meanwhile further shows that about 68% of Ugandan married women are staying in abusive relationships.

The report shows that women are facing lot of violence but they decide to be tolerant in order to rise up their children.

The Deputy Country representative for UN Women Anna Mutavati now says women should be economically empowered so that they move of over depending on their spouses for survival.