Education Minister, Janet Museveni Promises salary arrears to all non-teaching staff by October.

Education Minister, Janet Museveni has told Parliament that government will pay salary arrears to all non-teaching staff, that arose after they were not included when Public University teaching staff got their pay upped last financial year.

She says they will receive the money in October.

Presenting a statement on the current standoff  between government and Public University non-teaching staffs, Jane Museveni also said she expects the ongoing strike to end by Thursday.

Close to a fortnight ago, non-teaching staff at all public universities put down their tools protesting the failure of government to pay their arrears and also match their salaries across all public universities.

This forced government to go into dialogue with them to hatch a way forward.

However, Ms Museveni said government has set up a tripartite team constituting of the ministries of public service, education and finance to find a way of harmonizing the salary structures of all the staffs at the different public universities.

She, however, noted that the salary discrepancies arose because some of the current public universities were originally private and had their own salary scale.

Members praised the minister for her statement and asked her to ensure that the promise is kept.

A year ago, a similar strike by the same non-teaching staffs paralyzed the day to day running of the universities and to calm the situation government came up with the same promise.

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