Eidh Al-Adhuha Marked With Calls For Peaceful Elections

Eid prayers across the country have been marked with calls for peaceful elections come 2016.
Some Muslim leaders have also attacked the police over what they described as excessive force in handling opposition supporters.
This follows a recent incident in Eastern Uganda where the police used tear gas and bullets to disperse supporters of former premier Amama Mbabazi.
Delivering his Eid message at Kibuli mosque on Thursday monring, the Titular head of the Muslim Community Prince Khasim Nakibinge expressed concern that the police is using excessive force to suppress such gatherings instead of focusing on fighting crime.
Separately, the Muslim community has been urged to actively participate in the country’s electoral process.
In his Eidh Message delivered to believers at the old Kampala Mosque, the Deputy Imam Sheik Imran Ssali emphasized the importance of voting.
Likening voting to a business, he explained that the more one invests in terms of level of involvement, the more they reap.
Sheikh Ssali also asked the Electoral Commission to take into consideration Muslims’ prayer days while setting election dates to avoid being locked out.
At Nakivubo stadium, the leader of Jamia Dawa Sarafia Dr.Haruna Jemba has cautioned Muslims against engaging in politics of violence as the country prepares for the 2016 general elections.
Dr. Jemba noted that on many occasions Muslims have been associated to violence hence the need for them to change that perception.

He said violence does not solve any conflict but rather contributes to suffering and loss of lives.

In Acholi sub region, the Khadi, Sheikh Musa Khelil cautioned Muslims against giving in to voter bribery.

He cautioned fellow Muslim leaders against using their positions to solicit for monetary benefits from politicians as the campaigns heat up.

Sheikh Khelil says receiving money from politicians tarnishes the image of religious leaders in society and must be avoided like a plague.

In Tororo district, Muslims have used Eid Adhuha celebrations to pray for peaceful elections.

The district Kadhi Sheik Ibrahim Asante has appealed to all aspiring candidates for various political positions to embrace brotherhood as they solicit for votes ahead of the 2016 elections.

He told believers at Tororo main mosque that politics is all about serving others so it should not be divisive.
In Mbale, Sheikhs at various worship places have re-echoed the call for free, fair and peaceful elections in 2016.
The Bugisu region Khadhi Sheikh Issa Masaba has urged all Muslims to work as advocates for ethical and moral revolution among Ugandans.
While in Butaleja, the District Kadhi, Sheikh Swaibu Mukama has urged voters to elect leaders who can deliver quality services.

Masaka Municipality County Sheikh Twaha Bugembe has asked more Muslims to join politics as the political season sets in.
Sheik Twaha Bugembe made the call while leading Eid Al-Adhuha prayer at Masaka main mosque this morning.
Sheik Bugembe challenged Muslims to contest for as many political positions as possible if they are they are to get a share of the national cake.
Meanwhile, Masaka District Kadhi Sheik Swaibu Nduga of the Kibuli sect, has asked president Yoweri Museveni to fulfill the pledges he made to the Muslim community during Elfirtri celebrations early this year.
The Eid Al Adhuha prayers were also attended by Masaka Woman Member of Parliament Freda Kasse Mubanda.
Eid-al-Adha also known as feast of sacrifice is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son Ismael.