EU Head Of Delegation Calls For Abolition Of Death Penalty

The head of the European Union delegation to Uganda has called for the abolition of the death penalty.

Ambassador Kristian Schmidt says Uganda has the highest number of laws that prescribe the death penalty for criminal offenders as the maximum sentence.

He argues that there were 209 people on death row as of 2nd March 2016, a situation he says can only be addressed by abolishing the death penalty.

He says the death penalty has already been abolished in many countries across the globe and Uganda should make a similar move.

In a related development, the chairperson of parliament’s human rights committee Jovah Kamateeka is asking the civil society to take the lead in sensitizing Ugandans about why the death penalty should be abolished.

Kamateeka has challenged these organisations to ensure that they provide a condusive environment so that when the law is re-tabled in parliament, it finds the ground softened.

She says that with adequate sensitization, the campaign against the death penalty will get the support it needs to ensure safety of Uganda’s inmates who are on death row.

Story By Damali Mukhaye