Experts ask government to stop creation of new districts

By Benjamin Jumbe.

Government has been asked to reactivate a moratorium on creation of new districts in the country if decentralization is to realize its intended objectives.

This is one of the recommendations in a new ACODE policy research study by Prof Elijah Mushemeza released during the national conference on decentralization held in Kampala

Presenting the findings of the study, Prof Mushemeza said while there has been considerable improvement in service delivery due to decentralization, inadequate financing of local governments and low staffing remain key challenges to decentralization.

Prof Mushemeza says instead of creating more administrative units, focus should be put on consolidating functioning local governments

Meanwhile the executive director of Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment Dr Arthur Bainomugisha said a discourse on decentralization was required to offer a platform to various stakeholders to point out challenges and solutions to at a time concerns are raised over increased recentralization of services.