FDC Kizza Besigye Scoffs at Government Again

Former FDC leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye, has scoffed at the government for using force to quell demonstrations by the opposition.

Addressing a rally in Iganga said that such military hardware can never stop change.

Dr. Besigye lashed out at President Yoweri Museveni as a coward who thinks that the heavy deployment of the army and the police can scare people who wish to have change.

Dr. Besigye who decried the rampant corruption, poor service delivery and high taxes levied against the populace rallied residents to believe in themselves and the power that they have to effect change through the ballot.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Jinja, Erick Sakwa, made a surprise appearance at Dr Besigye’s rally in Kakindu Stadium in Jinja where he called for freedom for speech for everybody.