FDC starts appointing teams to oversee 2021 elections

John Kikonyogo

By Damali Mukhaye.

The opposition forum for democratic change has started establishing the teams that are slated to oversee the forthcoming elections in 2021.

Addressing journalist at their offices in Najjanakumbi, the party deputy spokesperson John Kikonyogo says that the zonal teams that were appointed by the party last month are already in the field to conduct this exercise.

He also says that the zonal leaders are also slated to establish committees at the local council one across the country who will also be entitled to oversee the elections on behalf of the party.

The party has also lined up a number of activities to celebrate its 15th anniversary which is slated for 15th December 2019.

He says that among the few pre-event activities include tree planting, the lunch of the party activities and charity activities among others.