Former Premier Amama Mbabazi is arrested

Former Premier Amama Mbabazi has been arrested by the police at the Nile Bridge in Jinja.
This has been confirmed by the police director of operations Andrew Felix Kaweesi who says Mbabazi is under preventive arrest.
Kaweesi vows not to let Mbabazi proceed to Mbale a planned.
The former Premier was headed to Mbale town for his first consultative meeting in defiance of police directives against the same.
Earlier journalists who were following Mbabazi’s convoy were intercepted by the police.
The police claimed the interception was for meant for a route check in the wake of heightened terror threats.
Mbabazi has insisted on holding the meeting in Mbale despite claims by police that his plans are illegal since he failed to harmonize his program with the NRM.
His lawyers however say that the police have no mandate to block their client.