Government Acquires Land in Amuru district to grow sugarcane.

The Government has Acquired 10,000 hectares of Land in Lakani in Amuru district to grow sugarcane.

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Betty Amongi says currently the government is negotiating with local leaders in Acholi region to formalize the acquisition of the said land which will be leased to a private investor to grow sugarcane.

She says the land is located in Lakani village in Amuru district, and they have already reached an understanding with the local community.

She says government will compensate people occupying the land, and the land will continue to be treated as a customary land as the land act states.

Early last week the government announced plans to degazette a portion of the Zokka central forest reserve in Adjumani district in a bid to create land for sugarcane plantation.

However, this raised tension in the area, with the Madi Community in Adjumani district vowing to oppose the move.

The government now says the land acquired is in Amuru district and not in Adjumani as announced earlier by the minister of lands Persis Namuganza, made a statement that 10,000 hectares of the forest will be leased to private investors to grow sugar.

Zoka forest covers about 13 square kilometers and is situated in the East Madi Wildlife reserve.