Govt to introduce new regulations on simcards

By Kyeyune Moses:

Government is considering new regulations which will prohibit street vending of simcards, and telecom companies will face sanctions on every active unregistered cards.

According to the Minister of Security, Rtd Maj Gen Henry Tumukunde, the regulations have been benchmarked from Nigeria and Kenya.

Nigeria recently slapped a fine of 1000 USD to telecom companies on each unregistered simcards in use, while in Kenya Communications Authority has set fines to a tune of Ksh 100,000 (USh 3.4 Million) or a six months jail term for using an unregistered simcards.

Gen Tumukunde who has been appearing before Parliament’s Committee on Information and Communications Technology says that if the new regulations are adopted, the country might be saved from escalating levels of crime.

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