Travellers Resort To Fake Yellow Fever Cards

Health officials in Entebbe Municipality in Wakiso district have expressed worry over the increasing cases of fake Yellow Fever Immunisation Cards by travellers at the airport.

After the recent outbreak of yellow fever in Angola that claimed over 200 lives, followed by another outbreak in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, the ministry of health issued guidelines requiring travellers to produce a valid immunisation certificate against the disease to be allowed exit and entry into Uganda.

Uganda is currently which is listed by the World Health Organisation among the high risk yellow fever countries.

Dr. James Eyul, the manager of Kazuri Medical Clinic that checks for the authenticity of travellers yellow fever immunisations cards at Entebbe international Airport says cases of forged cards are mostly recorded at the check in ranging between 20 and 50 every day.

Dr. Eyul adds that immunization against yellow fever currently goes for between Sh 73,000 to Sh85,000 a dose at the registered immunization centers.

These are; Surgery Naguru, Norvik hospital, Kazuri medical at Entebbe airport and Kamapala Capital City Authority.

He says that in cases where a traveller does not move with the card, the vaccine is administered at the clinic.

Meanwhile Robert Kalumba, the deputy Public relations officer at KCCA, the procurer’s and suppliers of the vaccine says the lack of knowledge of the source of the forged cards is hindering their efforts to curb the problem.

The ministry of Health in May cautioned all airlines plying Entebbe International Airport to ensure that their passengers from high risk countries possess the certificate issued 10 days before travel before being issued with an air ticket.

Story By Paul Adude


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