High Court gives AG & BOU 15 days to explain money thrown in Ssemwanga’s grave

By Ruth Anderah

The High court in Kampala has  given the Attorney General and Bank of Uganda only 15 days to file a written defence explaining why they never restrained youths from the Rich gang team from burying businessman Ivan Ssemwanga with money, yet this unlawful action was done in the presence of  the Uganda police Force.

The summons follow a civil suit filed by a one Robert Senfuka,  a concerned citizen who has petitioned court this Morning  seeking orders that the body of Ssemwanga be exhumed to establish the actual amount of money in his grave  before it’s brought back into circulation.

Ssenfuka contends that the throwing of Uganda’s legal tender into a grave is wastage of tax payers’ money since the said money is printed using resources collected from citizens for purposes of trade.

He further adds that money is a public good and not a property of the holder to be abused in any manner that he /She wishes.

Through his lawyers of Wameli and company advocates, Ssenfuka says he has filed this case in public interest since such actions have a negative impact on trade.

He seeks a declaration that court should order police pay punitive damages for neglecting duty and an order permanently restraining any person from destroying the legal tender.

This is the second time Bank of Uganda is being sued for failing in its mandate to protect the legal tender, the first one being last week when another concerned citizen Abey Mgugu went to court accusing the central Bank of not taking legal action against the Rich gang team for throwing money into  Ssemwanga’s grave.

Ssenfuka’s case in which he also sues a one Lubega Bahati whom he claims to have personally seen throwing money in Ssemwanga’s grave has been allocated to justice Stephen Musota whereas Mgugu’s application is to be heard by Justice Margret Oguli Oumo.