HIV down from 7.3% to 6.0%

By Damali Mukhaye:

HIV prevalence remains high among Ugandan women compared to men.

This is according to preliminary results from the Uganda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Survey 2016.

The results that have been released by the minister of health Jane Ruth Aceng indicates that 7.5% of women are living with HIV compared to 4.3% of men.

The report also shows that 1.3 million Ugandans are living with HIV.

6% of adults between the ages of 15-49 are infected while 0.5% of children between the ages 5-14 at have the virus.

In Urban areas, HIV is more prevalent with 7.1% of people living with the virus compared to 5.5% in rural areas.

On a positive note, the report indicates that HIV prevalence has declined across socio-demographic subgroups and across the country mainly due to a reduction in the number of new infections and suppression of the viral load which is at 60%.