IGG asks commercial banks to help fight graft

By Damali Mukhaye:

The Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has taken her fight against graft to the banks.

She is asking all commercial banks in the country to start asking all the highly placed leaders to first present declaration forms from the IGG before accessing their money.

According to Justice Mulyagonja, this will help her office track the increasing cases of corruption in the country.

She adds that if banks can be able to monitor what those political leaders are banking in relation to what they declared, they should be able to identify who is banking beyond their declared assets and so a red flag can be raised.

Earlier, the IGG revealed taht over 5,000 public servants have not declared their assets to the office of the Inspectorate of government for verification in accordance with the leadership code.
Out of the 25,000 leaders who are supposed to declare their assets to the IGG; only 19,150 have submitted their declarations.

The IGG Irene Mulyagonja says they are now going to start verifying what the leaders declared in the previous years and what they are declaring now using the online system.

She was on Tuesday speaking at the closure of the training on the inspectorate of government online declaration system in Kampala.

She also revealed that they will start publishing the lists of civil servants who have declared their assets.