Interpol to investigate Iraq workers’abuse

Government has sought the services of the International Police to investigate claims of abuse of women working in Iraq.

Reports of the abuse came to light last week after one of the international media highlighted accounts of how Ugandan women who were allegedly sent to the country by Uganda Veterans Development were being mistreated in their respective workstations.

The State Minister in charge of Labor, Emmanuel Otaala reveals to KFM that government is concerned about the claims and is investigating the matter to ensure the safety of its citizens in foreign land.

Otaala says this is not the first time that the allegations have cropped up and the ministry will take action against the company if it is proved that the women have been facing mistreatment.

Government revoked the Uganda Veterans Development’s license from the Ministry of Labour, allowing it to export labour after local media revealed the same matter, however in December last year, it was renewed and the exports resumed.