Judgment day for Desh Kananura pushed to Friday

By Ruth Anderah

 The High Court in Kampala has pushed to Friday this week the judgment in which rally car driver Andrew Desh Kananura is accused of murdering his employee Badru Katerega.

The High Court Deputy Registrar in charge of criminal matters Emmanuel Baguma who informed court that the trial judge Joseph Murangira is in Entebbe handling other matters.

Desh is jointly charged with his brother Raymond Kananura and 3 of their private guards with the murder of Badru Kateregga who was an attendant at his Panamera bar in Naguru a Kampala suburb.

Prosecution says the 5 with malice afore thought on the 30th of September 2012 beat Katerrega to death suspecting him to have stolen a 10000 tip from a customer.

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