Kampala Lord Mayor Wants Transport Regulations Revised

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has asked the ministry of Works and transport to review the regulations put in place to government the Boda Boda industry.

According to Lukwago, the current Traffic and Road Safety (motorcycles) regulations put in place by the former Minister of Works and Transport John Byabagambi in May 2016 are not convenient.

According to the provisions in the law, a rider is not expected to carry more than one passenger, caring a child aged 12 years or below without being accompanied by a parent.

Lukwago says the penalties given to offenders are so harsh and oppressive citing the fine of Shs 600,000 or two years imprisonment.

He now calls on the ministry to consult all stake holders so as to come up with a favourable law to improve the boda industry.

Story By Damali Mukhaye